The Character

The Russian Blue adapts to domestic environments and does not need to spend time outside, is a cat very curious and with a strong sense of the hunt, but these are specialties that manages to satisfy widely in his house here and their games. During the winter does not disdain the radiators which passes most of its days, looking to heat.
Normally fits quite easily to cohabitation with other pets.
Devoted to his master, will offer moments of deep affection. Sufficiently autonomous has no problems to stay home alone even for the whole day, waiting, of course, the return of his companion. He likes human contact and often the evening slumber upon its owner.
Is a cat who loves to play with anything, and its maximum suction is making part of the game even its human Companion.
It seems that manages to capture the moods, when ‘is not the time‘ he keeps aside waiting for better times.
His ideal companion doesn’t have ages but should have, among other requirements, a serene and quiet and above all use soft tones of voice.
If used by litter fits very well to travel by any means.
This breed is the ultimate elegance, its athletic movements are a Symphony of graceful elegance, the clumsiness is definitely not a prerogative.