27/11/2011: New imagines for our cats and a new dedicated page for our third female born in our cattery, Silver Storm.

06/11/2011: Blue Target Silver Storm became Junior Winner

05/02/2012: GIC Blueudemonia's Petite femme Glorieuse JW, has reach the distinguish variety merit.

25/02/2012: Blue Target Silver Storm JW does the first Show as Adult Female in Graz and obtain the first best of best 1 in adult class.

14/04/2012: During the special -Russian Blue- at the international Show of Malmoe, our female Silver Storm ranked first compared to approximately 40 others Russian Blue Cats. The Judges have established Silver Storm for excellence. We are very happy about this and we thank all our friends who so far have helped and supported us in our passion.

21/04/2012: Silver Storm has been awarded NATIONAL WINNER at the Gala' in Verona

28/10/2012: Today our Silver ended the 2012 World Championship held in Zagreb, Croatia, taking home the point to achieve the deserved title of Grand Champion International, a nomination for the World Champion 2012 and the prize of best Russian Blue.

20/11/2012: Welcome at Blue Target's House. GC (CFA) Tylona Houdini of Blue Target

30/04/2013: NW11 GIC Blue Target Silver Storm JW achieved the first place for italian adult cats and confirmed the title of National Winner also for the year 2012.

21/10/2013: GIC NW12 NW11 Bluetarget Silver Storm JW,has reach the distinguish variety merit in only 2 years and 1 month obtaining 25 Best in Variety. Congratulations to our Star, Silver

14/09/2014: Bluea Target wins the Scandinavian winner's title and obtain after only 5 Shows the title of Junior Winner.

26/10/2014: Bluea Target Windstorm wins in Praha the World Winner's Title. She is the first Russian Blue born in Europe to obtain this title, taking also the prize for best russian blue Junior.

25/10/2014: Blue Target Silver Storm ended the 2014 World Championship held in Praha, taking a nomination for the World Champion 2014 and the prize of best Russian Blue adult.

25/10/2015: Blue Target Windstorm ended the 2015 World Championship held in Malmo, taking a nomination for the World Champion 2015 and the prize of best Russian Blue adult